Following the recent visit of the Leicester Church Music Consort to the Abbey on 22nd and 23rd August, we would be delighted to see you here again in the near future.

The Reverend Christopher Stolz, Westminster Abbey

Thank you for a weekend of wonderful music making, your visit was very much appreciated by the clergy and congregation, many of whom have commented most warmly about your singing. We look forward to welcoming you back at some point in the future and thanks for your kindness and hard work.

Daniel Bishop, Associate Organist, Liverpool Cathedral

I would like to thank the Leicester Church Music Consort for the lovely way they have led our worship this weekend, for the music which has been chosen that we have all enjoyed enormously and if I may say for the reverent way in which they have led our liturgy and worship which has been greatly appreciated by the Chapter and congregation. We do hope you will come and visit us again.

Very Revd Michael Tavinor, Dean of Hereford

As co-ordinator for the Lincoln County Harvest Festival, I am writing to thank you and all your group for your wonderful efforts on October 19th. We always coincide with half-term and so over the years have enjoyed the musical offerings of a good many choirs. None of them has disappointed, but I have to say that I cannot remember a year when I have heard such favourable comments about the music as this year. Not only was your choice of music inspired but the quality of the singing was superb, well worthy of such a fantastic building. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all who took part.

David Creasey, Lincoln County Harvest Festival Co-ordinator

I am writing to thank you very much indeed for singing Evensong for us on 15th February. It was very good to meet you and I hope I expressed my appreciation for the contribution you made to our worship. I thought the music was splendid, especially the Shephard responses, which must have been all the more daunting with the composer singing them!

I said at the time that I would be most pleased if you were to come back and sing for us again.

The Reverend Canon Jeremy Fletcher, Precentor, York Minster

On behalf of the Dean and Chapter, I am writing to thank you for singing at the Cathedral on 23rd September. It was good to have a strong lead and many positive comments about the singing have been passed on to me. Do get in touch should you wish to come here in the future.

Dean & Chapter, Norwich Cathedral

Thank you very much for all of the hard work and preparation that you put into Choral Evensong yesterday. It was a pleasure for us to host such a polished consort, and we very much hope that LCMC will come again to Hereford. I liked the variety of repertoire that you chose, and the consort's diction was remarkable, making all the difference, especially to the singing of the psalms. You are blessed in securing the services of Paul Morley, who is truly gifted as an accompanist, making fine use of the Willis organ to achieve some lovely colours. Please pass on our thanks to the consort. With all good wishes.

Andrew Piper, Canon Precentor, Hereford Cathedral

Thank you so much for singing the weekend services for us at St Edmundsbury, I have had nothing but good reports. Please do come back again soon.

Jonathan Vaughan, Assistant Organist, St Edmundsbury Cathedral

We are writing to thank you for bringing the Leicester Church Music Consort to sing at the Abbey on 21st and 22nd August. The quality of the singing was exceptionally high and worship was much enriched by your contribution. The Abbey appreciates all the time and effort which you and your Choir must have put into the visit and wishes to thank you for helping us to maintain a constant round of musical services over the summer. We would be very pleased to welcome the choir back in the future. We hope that you enjoyed your visit and look forward to seeing you again.

Graeme Napier, Minor Canon & Succentor of Westminster

Thank you so much for bringing the Leicester Church Music Consort to sing the services for us on 14th & 15th February and for providing us with some magnificent music. I do hope that you all enjoyed taking part in the services. Music is absolutely central to the way the liturgy is performed, and your contribution was greatly appreciated. Please thank all members of the choir for the part they played. We should be delighted to welcome you again so do contact the office if you would like to arrange another visit in the future. With all good wishes and renewed thanks.

The Reverend Canon Jeremy Davies, Precentor, Salisbury Cathedral

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