If you would like to hear what our choirs and organ sound like, then you may download and listen some sample tracks from our CD recordings. Some of the older tracks on this page have been encoded to mp3 at a lower than normal quality (96kbps) to reduce download times.

Angel Voices Ever Singing


Angel Voices Ever Singing

Choirs of St James the Greater
August 2018
Director of Music: Mr Matthew Haynes
Organist: Mr Michael Rule

A journey through the Christian seasons, brought to life by beautiful music.

This is a recording of the concert developed by the musicians of St James the Greater and Canon Glynn Richerby on the occasion of his retirement weekend Saturday 26th November 2016.

This is a "live" recording, made during the concert and not under studio conditions so you will hear occasional coughs and other extraneous noises off !

Track listing CD1
Organ Prelude
The Choristers Prayer (Harper)
When in our music (Stanford)
O come O come Emmanuel (Carter)
Magnificat in G (Stanford)
Once in Royal (Wilcocks)
Dormi Jesu (Rutter)
Bethlehem Down (Warlock)
Three Kings (Cornelius)
When to the Temple (Eccard)
Nunc Dimittis (Coll Reg) (Howells)
Forty days (Herbst)
Psalm 22 (Goff)
Where you there (Batten)
Track listing CD2
Saraband (Howells)
Now the Green Blade Riseth (Saunders)
Blessed be the God and Father (Wesley)
Thine be the Glory (Handel)
God is gone up (Finzi)
Come Down O Love Divine (Stopford)
Hymn to the Trinity (Tchaikovsky)
Angel Voices (Monk)
A Farewell Prayer (Rule)

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O Taste and See


O Taste and See

Choirs of Men and Boys and Girls
August 2012
Director of Music: Mr Matthew Haynes
Organists: Mr Michael Rule, Miss Roxanne Summerfield

The choirs of St James the Greater, Leicester are recognised as being amongst the best parish church choirs in the Midlands. On this CD, the Mens', Boys' and Girls' choirs offer a "taste" of the music that they sing week-by-week at the regular two Sunday services and at other occasions throughout the year.

These are "live" recordings, made during services in 2011-2012 and not under studio conditions so you will hear occasional coughs and other extraneous noises !

Track listing
When Jesus our Lord - Mendelssohn
My soul, there is a country - Parry
Song for Athene - Tavener
Bethlehem Down - Warlock
Forty days and forty nights - Hymn
Psalm 22 vv1-8 - Psalm
The Reproaches - Sanders
Ubi Caritas - Duruflé
They that go down to the sea in ships - Sumsion
Magnificat (Collegium Regale) - Howells
Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale) - Howells
Bread of Heaven - Wills
O taste and see - Vaughan Williams
I was glad - Parry
In paradisum - Fauré

No longer available



Requiem - Gabriel Fauré

Choir of Men and Boys
September 2009
Director of Music: Mr Oliver Parker

Every year the church of St James the Greater holds a Requiem Service on the evening of All Saints' Sunday, commemorating all those who have died in the past year. The beauty of the service is aided in part by the singing of the Requiem text as set so masterfully by Gabriel Fauré.

This live recording was made during the service on 2nd November 2008.

Track listing
Introit & Kyrie
Pie Jesu
Agnus Dei
Libera Me
In Paradisum

No longer available

According to Thy Word


According to Thy Word

Choir of Men and Boys
July 2007
Director of Music: Mr Oliver Parker

The music on According to Thy Word was all recorded during the services sung by the choir on tour in Ely Cathedral, during the summer of 2007.

Track listing
Give us the wings of faith - E. Bullock
Preces - Sanders
Psalm 138 - Higgins
Hymn: O Trinity of blessed light - Plainchant
Magnificat in D - Brewer
Nunc Dimittis in D - Brewer
Responses - Sanders
The Spirit of the Lord - Elgar
Psalm 130 - Goss
Magnificat in faux bourdons - Byrd
Nunc Dimittis in faux bourdons - Byrd
Preces - Ferial (mens' voices)
Psalm 119 vv145-160 - Parker
Hymn: O Father of our Virgin Queen - Plainchant
Magnificat in G - Sumsion
Nunc Dimittis in G - Sumsion
Responses - Ferial (mens' voices)
I will lift up mine eyes - Walker
Psalm 88 vv1-10 - Wesley
Evening Hymn - Balfour Gardiner

No longer available

Greater Sounds


Greater Sounds

Mark Batten
April 2006

The organ at St James the Greater is undoubtedly one of the finest instruments in the Midlands. Built by the firm of S. Taylor and Son in 1923 and subsequently enlarged and rebuilt by J.W. Walkers 1961 and Nicholson of Worcester in 2003 it boasts 51 stops spread over 3 manuals. For the first recording of the organ after the 2003 rebuild we have a selection of pieces which show off some of the rich variety of colour available on the organ.

Track listing
Fanfare - Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens
Crown Imperial - William Walton
Es ist ein ros' entsprungen - Johannes Brahms
Kyrie from Messe pour les Convents - François Couperin
  • Plein jeu
  • Fugue sur la trompette
  • Récit de cromorne
  • Trio à deux dessus de cromorne et la basse de tierce
  • Dialogue sur la trompette du grand clavier et sur la montre, le bourdon et le nazard du positif
Toccata and Fugue in D minor - J S Bach
Antiphon 3 (from Les Vêpres de la Vierge) - Marcel Dupré
Improvisation on a theme by Gustav Holst - David Briggs

No longer available

Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum


magnificat anima mea dominum

Choir of Men and Boys
July 2005
Director of Music: Mr Paul Morley

The music on magnificat anima mea dominum was all recorded during the services sung by the choir on tour in Chichester Cathedral, during the summer of 2005. The title of the album comes from the words of Song of Mary by Richard Shephard, which can be heard on the second CD.

Track listing CD1
Preces - R. Ayleward
Psalm 94 - J. Goss
Magnificat in C - C.V. Stanford
Nunc Dimittis in C - C.V. Stanford
Give us the wings of faith - E. Bullock
Psalm 119 vv145-end - H. Purcell
Magnificat in D - G. Dyson
Nunc Dimittis in D - G. Dyson
Lord, let me know mine end - M. Greene
Psalms 126-128 - G. M. Garret, H. Baker
Magnificat in G - C.V. Stanford
Nunc Dimittis in G - C.V. Stanford
Lift up your heads, O ye gates - W. Mathias
Psalms 142-143 - J. Battishill
Magnificat in Ab - B. Harwood
Nunc Dimittis in Ab - B. Harwood
I will sing with the Spirit - J. Rutter
Track listing CD2
Psalm 148-150 - J. Randall, W. Crotch. C.V. Stanford
Song of Mary - R. Shephard
Nunc Dimittis in Bb - C.V. Stanford
Hymn to the Trinity - P. Tchaikovsky
Venite - J. Nares
Psalm 85 - J. Turle
Te Deum in Bb - C.V. Stanford
Jubilate in Bb - C.V. Stanford
If ye love me - T. Tallis
Gloria - J-P Lécot
Psalm 145 - vv14-end
Sanctus in E - H. Darke
Agnus Dei in E - H. Darke
Let all mortal flesh keep silent - G. Holst
Psalm 80 - L. Flintoft
Magnificat in A - H. Sumsion
Nunc Dimittis in A - H. Sumsion
Responses - R. Ayleward
Thou wilt keep Him in perfect peace - S.S. Wesley
Final Responses - Walsh

No longer available

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